1. The Lode

OBJECTIVES: To produce sustainable revenue, accumulate SOL during the bear market, and establish a foundation for our other products and services.
Set up and operated by our CTO, 0xNalloK, The Lode is a Solana Validator now available for staking on Mainnet and Testnet (for developers that need it). It will act as a revenue source and liquidity reserve for the rest of the Sentries ecosystem.
Item Trait: Solana Power Block
The Lode will hold a Self-Stake of:
  • 5,000 SOL from our Sentries PFP Mint
  • 100% of APY from the above 5K SOL.
  • 3.5% secondary royalties on Sentries PFPs.
This will produce enough SOL revenue to pay for The Lode's operation and add back to the Self-Stake.
The stability provided by The Lode acts as a strong foundation on which to build our Business-2-Business Services, Retail RPC Node Services, and Power Staking systems.
The Lode is now deployed!