3. B2B Services

OBJECTIVES: To enable other Web3 businesses to operate their own Solana hardware and set up proper corporate formations.

Hardware - Solana Validators & RPC Nodes

Today, internet service providers (ISPs) own the network infrastructure on which Web2 operates and command great social, financial, and political power because of it.
As Web3 gains prevalence and adoption accelerates, blockchain infrastructure providers will take up a similar place in the world economy. That is why, at its core, Sentries is a Blockchain Infrastructure corporation.
Our goal is to become the biggest, most culturally-relevant Web3 infrastructure service provider and ensure our client projects provide their users with the smoothest experiences on Solana.
Our operational budget will be supplemented by revenue from our Solana validator and RPC node services. These include:
  • Hardware procurement
  • Set-up
  • Maintenance & Support
  • UI/UX
Item Trait: Red Staff
Our co-founder, DaveR, has access to a network of Panamanian lawyers that can help Web3 organization incorporate in Panama and decentralize their operations.
Incorporating in a crypto-friendly jurisdiction like Panama should be a serious consideration for any serious Web3 business looking to operate legitimately. To date, we have already helped incorporate three Web3 clients, all of which operate Solana NFT projects, and will continue enabling the success of our peers in the Solana ecosystem through our hardware, software, and legal services.
Rare Traits: Solana background, Tribal tattoos