OBJECTIVES: To align and coordinate our community, minimize mid-mint listings, incentivize B2B referrals, and reward Twitter PFP usage.
The strongest Web3 communities are those that can act in unison, synchronized as one. We employ a number of strategies to incentivize this behaviour.
Discord Sync Ranks: Obtain and Upgrade Whitelist spots by participating in high quality discussion and helping us spread the word about Sentries.
Whitelist Tiers:
  • Basic WL: 1 Mint, not guaranteed
  • Guaranteed WL x1
  • Guaranteed WL x2
  • Guaranteed WL x3
Flex-&-Earn: Earn Rewards for using your Twitter. More info coming soon.
B2B Referral Program: Earn Rewards for referring B2B Services clients to Sentries, with bonuses depending on the number of Sentries held and their Power.
Rare Trait: Dark Circuits. Item Trait: Orange Scythe.
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