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4. Power Staking

OBJECTIVES: To reward Sentry holders for locking SOL into The Lode.
All of the Public can stake SOL in The Lode and receive a competitive validator APY. However, Sentry-holders will have access to a more profitable form of staking: Power Staking.
In their metadata, each Sentry has a Power trait. The Power value represents the amount of SOL backing that particular Sentry. Each Sentry minted will start with a Power value of 0. A Sentry's Power can be increased by 1 for each SOL locked into The Lode. Sentries can be staked in the Power Grid to receive additional passive income, in SOL, proportional to their Power value. The Power Grid is funded by:
  • 100% of the APY from the SOL backing of Powered-up Sentries.
  • Revenue Share from our RPC Nodes and B2B Services.
  • Infusions from The Lode as it gains more delegated stake and self-stake APY.
At certain Power thresholds, Sentry holders will also unlock additional perks, including visual upgrades. Sentries with 0 Power can still be staked to share pro-rata B2B revenue but do not receive the APY boost from The Lode.
At a high enough Power, Sentries can unlock the Celestial trait.